Re: [Geary] Geary does not close with Ctrl+q

Il giorno dom 18 set 2016 alle 17:21, Pétùr <peturvilj gmail com> ha scritto:
Geary does not close with Ctrl+q, other gnome apps does.

I cannot reproduce it on Gnome 3.20.2
Never had this problem.

Bigger problem behind that: Geary is not convenient to use with the keyboard. How can I navigate from one inbox to another, between mails, folders, accounts ?

We discussed this two years ago :)

but something has changed since then.
As far as I can see, you can move forward from a pane to another (accounts, conversation list, single thread) with TAB and you can move backward with Ctrl+Alt+TAB.

I don't think that it's documented.

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