Re: [Geary] IMAP / gmail performance?

Hi all;

getting back to this:

Am Mittwoch, den 14.09.2016, 14:56 +0200 schrieb Kristian Rink:

Yes, I am also experiencing that obviously at least one of the
accountis still syncing; ever since sending the last message on that,
the database has grown from 10 to 12 GB...  ;)

Ok, so I left it syncing / running the last couple of days. Outcome: 

- The db file for that one account still is at 12GB (at least it didn't
get any bigger).

- Using the account (opening different messages, browsing the folder
hierarchy in the tree view, ...) is mostly fast. 

- The UI gets unresponsive, however, for 30s .. 2min whenever I
actually choose to open another folder in this account.

- The UI generally seems to get unresponsive periodically for the same
amount of time.

The last of these symptoms is something I kind of managed to track down
using sql and network logging: Our corporate IMAP server is pretty
large (in terms of mail spool size and in terms of available IMAP
folders for different internal purposes). A load of messages in there
contain *large* attachments (documents between 5 and 50 megabytes of
size). Generally, mail traffic in most of these folders is extremely
high during daytime. Looking at the logs, it seems geary generally gets
extremely busy periodically iterating across all these folders and
permanently synchronizing / downloading new messages. 

Unfortunately I haven't found any way to influence this behaviour.
Expectation would be to simply tell the IMAP client to please ignore
certain folders or subfolder hierarchies in the IMAP tree but I
couldn't figure out how to do that (if it's possible with geary after


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