Re: [gDesklets] New features...?

Hi Mario and Bjoern,

Bjoern Koch wrote:
 You discovered me :-) that I'm not a native English speaker. I'm from
Chile, btw.

Yeah... I know... America/Santiago is your timezone in your lp account ;).

Muy bien. A lo mejor ahora podemos hablar en espanol.. tengo que practicar mas ;)

Let's put it this way:
once upon a time - as far as I remember in an IRC meeting - lauri agreed to backport the new Control handling from the 0.40 branch (trunk) to the 0.3x branch, which shouldn't be "too hard to be done". This should be the step from 0.36.x to 0.37, too.

Quilty as charged :). Control handling in 0.40 is a bit better, for instance you don't need to use the long IDs in display files after each control name if you don't want to. On the other hand it just might appear better and more understandable to me because I wrote it :)

Some time ago I looked into porting the code and it appeared to be harder than I thought with needed changes in various parts of 0.3x.

I won't use time as an excuse this time.. I'll make time this evening and see if the task can be achieved.

I'll also take a look into universal applets support.


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