Re: [gDesklets] 0.36.1 archive available for testing

Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Hola!

 Que tal.

>> Tomorrow I'll have some time to help in 0.36.1  what can I do?
> Well, unfortunately I didn't spend any time on gDesklets lately (shame
> on me ;) ), so I ams till stuck at the same point as a few weeks ago:

I'll work on this tomorrow.

> Furthermore there is always a "this is an unstable release" info window
> popping up on the first start of gDesklets. Any hint where to find it
> and how to get rid of it for the release ?

main/ checks if the main.VERSION contains a "beta" then will
display this.

So the fix is remove the "beta" from the VERSION content. I didn't test it
but certainly I'll work (I hope :-) )


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