Re: [gDesklets] Controls can now be fetched without the ID, SOAP control in

Hi there,

<control id="SOAP" interface="ISOAP:1k7xwme8liuaqh3g238fqzmgu-2" />
<control id="SOAP" interface="ISOAP" />

as we still do not have any kind of "versioning" system/control for Controls I am thinking if it was a good idea to introduce some mandatory properties to Controls, like meta information for display files. So a Control needs e.g. to have a "version" property which returns a version (pre-defined formatted) string or array. With this information the author of a display file can (or better: should) check within the display file for some basic information about the control gDesklets has loaded (without an ID string) and in case of "miss-matching" quit clean (or do whatever is needed). This way we could get rid of most of the "no control found" errors etc. in a much cleaner way (at least I think and hope so).

Just a few rough ideas ;).

Greetings, Bjoern

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