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Bjoern Koch wrote:
I agree. I'm thinking about a license entry on the site. Of course the
problem still remains, that the licenses of the older desklets are unknown.

I have been browsing through *all* the desklets yesterday to fill in
some information text to each on the website. And there are a few
desklets (but less than 10% I guess) which state their license (mainly
GPL) in the display or an included README file. Furthermore some of them
have an email address included so me might simply "ask" the author ;).
Might be worth looking further into it. If you are *REALLY* interested
in these data I might build a list (which will take a few hours to build)...

Once the license field works we can just directly add those values to the site. Every developer can just select his desklets and change the licenses. And IIRC I did give out the account details for the legacy user, so anyone who has time to fill out the licenses can do so for legacy desklets.

I'll just use "undefined" or something as the default license value for desklets that are already there. Of course licenses are mandatory after this. I'd like to have a drop-down-menu for selecting the license since we don't want to allow a free entry (someone making up their licenses, etc.). So could you people recommend a list of licenses?

what do we need?

- GPL v2 (do we need this? why?)
- Apache (?)
- Non-Free(?)


Or is it actually more of a GPL or not (checkbox) question? Any developers who won't use GPL?

- Lauri
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