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Hello there,

I was working on test all the desklets on


Since sensors are deprecated, only few of the desklets working on solaris and a lot of them are buggy.

Below is a list of the desklets working(more or less) on OpenSolaris;):

1. Bear
2. all the Calendars
3. Clock desklet 0.50
4. Clock with chime
5. Countdown2
6. Dino Cam
7. Ephemeride
8. FlickrFrame
9. FTB 0.3.2
10. Gauges desklet 0.52
11. Gleo
12. GnomeBar
13. Just an Icon
14. mYTraffic
15. NewsGrab
16. NewsTicker
17. Quote of the Day
18. Reloj
19. RhythmBox
20. SideCandy
21. SideCandy DiskInfo
22. SideCandy DiskIO
23. SideCandy HDD
24. SideCandy Mount
25. SideCandy RAM
26. SideCandy RhythmBox
27. SideCandy Uptime
28. SideCandy Users
29. Styx
30. Sudoko
31. Weekly Calendar 0.41
32. WorldClock/World Time

Again, when I was testing all the desklets, the category is really big mass!
In my Opinion, we should keep it as simple as possible like the category on the official website:

   * Alarms & Alerts
   * Date & Time
   * Fun & Amusements
   * Internet & Email
   * Music & Audio
   * News
   * System Information
   * Toolbars & Launchers
   * Weather
   * Miscellaneous
* Dictionaries & Translation
That's should be enough.

And could somebody give me a list which desklets are going to be default in gDesklets? The default ones in Opensolaris at the moment are Clock, WorldTime and Calendar.

Also there are a lot very good desklets like GoodWeather but not working because of the Sensor. Should give a list of first priority desklets to convert Sensors to Controls.

I am working on update the Opensolaris gDesklets' website.
Will put on more information on the website soon hopefully;)

Xusheng Hou

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