Re: [gDesklets] About Desklets in gDesklets

Xusheng Hou Sun COM wrote:
>>  I would include there only such that are under GPL license.
> I thought they are all under GPL, aren't they. If not , it might be
> good to mark their license on the website to make it clear.
There is no license stated. Developers probably just made them, posted
to the website and did not issue the code under any free software
license, so they are still copyright holders. You can't change anything
without their approval.
> I did write some instructions both for gDesklets engine and Desklets.
> But need to give a good explaination for the relations between
> gDesklets Daemon and gDesklets Shell.
> Any body could give some definition or sth for that?
> By the way, which documentation do you mean? The one in lauchpad?
> Need to figure out how to use launchpad first;)
Yes, it's a DocBook .xml file. You can download it and preview with
yelp, which is Gnome documentation viewer.



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