Re: [gDesklets] Get ready for launch!

Robo Pastierovic wrote:
Lauri Kainulainen wrote:
It's a bit confusing because the name of the TEAM is gdesklets and the address for it is the ~gdesklets one AND the name of the product is the same.

That's why I was thinking about splitting the TEAM into several teams based on their areas of interest.
Good idea. What about:

gD core team
gD shell team
gD desklets team
gD documentation team

Sounds good. Although I'd leave out shell team unless there are a lot of people that would like to help me with it :)

BTW Lauri, where can I find the code for new gD shell? Would like to take a look at it.

Which one? The desklet control can be found on the site (an old version at least) and i guess the newest one resided in 0.40 BZR under controls/.

The desklet that works partly with it is the Desklets Desklet, which is available from the site. This won't be the one included in .36 since it requires too much from the gD rendering engine.

If you mean this one -> then you can find the code in 0.40 BZR.

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