Re: [gDesklets] Get ready for launch!

Bjoern Koch wrote:
This is for the the gDesklets project
and this link for the gDesklets team ??

Yep. Although now that we have quite a bit of members we should consider breaking the gdesklets team into something like gdesklets-developers and gdesklets-contributors so that bug emails and all can be directed only to the people who are actually interested in them.

Should the "whiteboard" be used as a task list or how should a (little)
task be handled ??

I'd do it the old way: file a bug.

Should we make this the default location for bugs, code, plans,
translations, etc. for 0.40?

I think this would be a good place for the 0.36 things, too.
Using and linking bugs can be quiet handy ;). So I vote for using bugs
(at least) for the development branches (if not for all and everyone).

I guess we pretty much agreed in the IRC meeting that LP is the new HQ for gD :)

And btw, launchpad also permits "asking questions". Could that be a nice
replacement for a forum?

Well, a "real forum" would be the perfect solution (maybe we should take
a look into the SMF (simple machines forum) integration into drupal ??),
but using the launchpad question would at least be better than no forum
at all ;).

Sure. I encourage you to take a look into SMF integration w/ drupal v4.7. I looked a bit into the integration, but it did not seem to be worth it. Perhaps I didn't look hard enough.

I'm still convinced we don't need a forum, but if you really want one and you are willing to work for it and moderate it, then I can add one to the site w/ the instructions that you supply me :)


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