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Robo Pastierovic wrote:
Lauri Kainulainen wrote:
No need to make it part of the core. We should keep the core as generic and simple as possible. Once desklet submission by giving a display file works, we can easily enforce the categories mentioned on the website.
1. Well, I agree to keep the core as simple as possible, but on the other hand you want to include into the core (shell) the possibility to interact with website. This don't seem to be to me simplicity at all. If website is down than this feature is useless and as wrote before linux distributions won't like this approach probably, from security point of view. 2. The website won't be the only source of desklets, so you can't take control of everyone. This feature is really needed to be part of the core/shell. The core should be simple and "bulletproof".

The website functionality is not part of the core.

The whole idea for 0.40 (and now for 0.36 as well) was to take this stuff (shell, installation, etc.) out from the core. It's inside a control called Desklet. This makes it possible to build desklets that handle shell functionality.

I agree that integrating with the website is a questionable thing. Originally I just thought it might be a nice feature :). I also constructed everything with the idea of repositories (like APT), so once properly implemented, you could add other sources as well.

If people are against the web integration, we can turn it off. It's just a simple feature.


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