Re: [gDesklets] Get ready for launch!

Bjoern Koch wrote:
I'd do it the old way: file a bug.

Just what I thought, too.
But... there is no "report bugs" in "~gdesklets", just in "gdesklets".
Do we need more than one bug system (one for development bugs (aka todo
list) and one for "public" bugs) ??
Same with "answers".
To be honest... I am still a bit confused there... :/

It's a bit confusing because the name of the TEAM is gdesklets and the address for it is the ~gdesklets one AND the name of the product is the same.

That's why I was thinking about splitting the TEAM into several teams based on their areas of interest.

I guess we pretty much agreed in the IRC meeting that LP is the new HQ
for gD :)

OK, sounds great! Now I just need to figure out what to use where for
what... ;).
If we use the bug-system on LP (from now on) we should set the link on
the gD-Homepage to this location, too.


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