Re: Getting Red Hat menus visible in Garnome??

%% "Joseph E. Sacco, PhD" <joseph_sacco comcast net> writes:

  jesp> Hmmm... Maybe it's environment thing.
  jesp> Check out how the environment is set up in:


I'm starting Garnome with exactly that script, except for the pathname
to garnome.

  jesp> I am guessing that XDG_DATA_DIRS is not set up correctly on your
  jesp> system.

Hm... hey!  My XDG_DATA_DIRS doesn't have /usr/share in it.  I cut and
pasted it directly out of the example in the README file though... sure
enough, the one in the README doesn't have that.  Should this be fixed
in the Garnome release?

OK, I added this in and now I see all the other menu items, interspersed
with mine... not very tidy unfortunately.  I see what you mean.  Where's
that darn menu editor!! :-).

But, hey, they're all there and that's better than what I had before.

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