Re: Getting Red Hat menus visible in Garnome??


Welcome to the new menu specification:

Try this simple exercise:
* create a new user account
The new user home directory should contain the minimal set of dot files
for our OS. In particular, the new user home directory should have *no*
gnome dot files.

* start up GARNOME.

* explore the menus

If all goes well, you should see not only all of your old redhat/kde
entries but also all of the new GARNOME entries.

* Now read the menu spec to learn how to craft a  menu list exclusion



On Tue, 2005-07-12 at 17:01, Paul Smith wrote:
> Hi all;
> So, I managed to completely build Garnome 2.10.2 for Red Hat 8.0.  I
> have a bunch of notes I'll be posting here in case anyone is
> interested.  Most everything seems to work (except seahorse which keeps
> crashing on me :-/).
> However, one thing that's unfortunate is that when I start Garnome 2.10
> it upgrades my desktop files from what was there before in the Gnome for
> Red Hat 8--not even sure what version that was!-- which is fine, BUT I
> lose all the old Red Hat menus, and my menus have nothing except Gnome
> 2.10 stuff.
> The old menus had all kinds of applications that were installed on the
> system (including non-Gnome apps, KDE apps, and even some custom menus
> that our company added in, for starting stuff like Acroread and
> Realplayer).
> I wonder if there's any way to get those menus visible again in the
> Garnome install?  I don't need it to be integrated/merged with the
> current menus; that would be a mess.  In Debian they put a "Debian" menu
> on the Gnome foot menu, and underneath that is all the stuff that was on
> the Debian menu system; that kind of thing would be fine.
> Ideas on this?  I looked through the archives but couldn't come up with
> any prior discussions.  Seems like something others must have looked at
> before though.
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