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Well, define proper system prefix? I think for Solaris users it's perhaps less straightforward. (Danger, danger, broad know-it-all, annoying generalization follows). In the world of Linux, just about everything that commercial UNIX users get as part of their standard OS distribution is freeware; rather than being an 'alternate' piece of software that one can use for a particular purpose, it is 'the' software to use for a particular purpose (ex: in Linux you use GNU fileutils because, well, it's basically the fileutils package for every UNIX system. OTOH, I use GNU fileutils on Solaris because they are more 'sane' in certain circumstances and with treatment of certain arguments (e.g. tar -C with garnome!!!) than the Solaris versions. The point I'm getting to (honest) is that while it's perfectly normal in the world of Linux to go install extra software in /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/X11R6/bin, etc.... it's not OK to me to install any of this stuff anywhere but in /usr/local, /usr/local/<product>, or /opt/<package> on a Solaris box.

But all this aside, I guess you're telling be that xscreensaver *really* wants to be in /usr/X11R6/bin, etc ? What is the *very* latest version? I was working with 4.04.

Incidentally, I got it working after munging the Makefiles a bit; however the path of least resistance was to have it install in my garnome install directories vs. /usr/local (which was my preference, since, as you pointed out, this is not part of garnome).

Still didn't get the XML or OpenGL stuff to get picked up by configure (as noted below, which is what led me into this discussion), but the basics work a treat.

Any additional pointers on this appreciated.


Jeff Waugh wrote:

<quote who="Larry McQueary">

xscreensaver was, probably because it hasn't been updated to gnome2 yet.
I'm having trouble getting xscreensaver's configure script to like my
libxml and libMesaGL installations, and so far have been too lazy to
unravel the script and doctor it appropriately.  It seemed that
gnome-config might have solved the problem, but I guess I'll just have to
hack the script after all.

The very latest versions of xscreensaver have a G2 control panel, so
shouldn't require gnome-config.

Be aware that xscreensaver really, really, really wants to be installed in
your proper system prefix to work properly (which is why it isn't in

- Jeff

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