Re: gnibbles, choosing time to spend on level

> > > An AI on the other hand, even a bad one, is desperately needed.
> > >
> > I will work on it, but I do have to do some of my dissertation first.
> I have written a generic AI library for strategic games; have a
> look at -- do you think it might
> be of any help? It supports any 2-player strategic game without
> chance moves.
> It is one of my goals to get replace Iagno's AI (as it is really,
> really weak)with one provided by GGTL. When time permits, and I
> manage to actually build Gnome-games (I'm on a Mac), we might see
> some progress in that...

lagno's AI? is that in one of the other gnome-games packages?

IMO: It looks a bit ott for snakes. I was planning on 3 difficulty
levels, a basic rules based AI, a more advanced rules based AI and
then a quick depth first search (where I'll try and take shortcuts).
Because gnibbles is a fast game, I would be quite concerned about the
speed of an AI and making sure it still runs nice on a 486 thats
serving web pages at the same time :)

If this library (or one similar) was implemented across all of gnome
games and it became a solid part of the package then that might make
things different.

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