Re: Minutes of the Foundation Board, 13th March

On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 3:17 PM, Jens Georg <mail jensge org> wrote:

> > >  * Tile server options for Maps (Allan)
> ...
> > >   * VOTE: approve $300 a month to pay Mapbox - passed unanimously
> > >   * ACTION: Meg to inform Mapbox and the Maps team, cc'ing
> > > Rosanna
> > > and Neil
> > >    * We might want to revisit this when we set future budgets
> >
> > From outside, and setting aside the quality of the product, it is
> > hard
> > to asses whether this is a good decision or not.
> >
> > To do so, we would need to know what the recurrent income and
> > expenses
> > are. It could be monthly or yearly. If we receive more than we
> > spend,
> > then it might be a doable decision. Otherwise, we need think a
> > better
> > long term solution.
> The cost will be capped at $300, which falls within the budget for
> the
> current financial year. Ongoing expenses will be factored into our
> routine financial planning, when we set the budget for each financial
> year.

Also, again, the question that pops up here is : What is the policy on
tile server use for other applications than maps, being "offical" GNOME
(Contacts, Photos, ...) or "related" such as Shotwell.

The discussion we've been having with MapBox has been based on the assumption that we would continue to make roughly the same number of requests to their tile servers. We did discuss how MapBox would handle it if there were large increases due to increased distribution of Maps downstream. However, the Board did not discuss the potential impact of use of the tile servers by other applications within GNOME. If you have a specific request, can you please send a detailed email about it to the Board list so we can discuss it?


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