Re: Travel committee disfunctional?

Le jeudi 17 mars 2016 à 15:28 -0700, Germán Poo-Caamaño a écrit :

The delay may be explained by several factors. One thing is checking
that everything is in order to approve the reimbursement. A different
thing is to proceed with the actual payment.

The second one means giving access to GNOME's bank and PayPal
accounts, plus coordination to avoid reimburse twice, avoid mistakes
that make the transfer going to the wrong place, and so on.


Ah, I was basing myself on what I'd heard a while back (that there
wasn't exactly a lot of people willing to do this work), and was still
under the impression that the biggest problem would be "available time
and energy" for people to process requests.

After all, I can imagine it's a lot of unexciting verification work
(decipher receipts in various languages and currencies, make sure
numbers match, discuss among team members, write emails, etc.).

I presumed the verification work to be more complicated than the funds
transfers, so I guess that colored my appraisal of the situation.

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