Travel committee disfunctional?

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry to bring this up but it seems to me that travel-committee
members do not have time for doing their job in a timely manner. I say
this cause it's now been several weeks that I applied for FOSDEM
re-reimbursement but have not yet received it. Soon after the
conference I was informed that I need to blog about the events and I
did that as soon as I could, even though I was ill, assuming that
would mean me getting reimbursed sooner. After a few weeks of waiting
and regular reminders, I was asked if I would rather want to be
reimbursed to paypal instead and it's been two weeks since I provided
my paypal details now. I pinged the travel-committee list a few times
since then but I have got no response at all.

I understand that travel-committee is composed of volunteers and they
could get real busy with their work and life but if people have to
spend a lot of time on getting the committee members to do their jobs,
I think we have a problem and we need to talk about it.


Zeeshan Ali (Khattak)
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