Re: code of conduct question for Board candidates

People can do as they like on their own systems and resources, but when
participating in the GNOME community, they should do so with respect.
Refusing to exclude anyone is itself an exclusionary policy; it selects
for the kind of people who will put up with absolutely anything, and
excludes people who do not feel comfortable in such an environment.
That creates a kind of community that I would not want to see GNOME
become; there are too many of those already, because there are too many
projects unwilling to kick out awful people.

I suspect we might actually agree if we debated this properly, but I think you're right and we should try not to digress too much. Just to say, I probably could have worded that a bit better: An "objectionable a-hole" or "awful person" might not mean the same thing to you as it does to me, so we probably ought to be a bit careful about defining behaviours in those terms.


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