Re: Question on community to the candidates.

Hi Sri,

I think you already know my opinion on this, I completely agree with you,
and I think is a serious issue not being able to reach those hobbyist and
beginners people that can make the difference in GNOME to stay competitive or
vanish. Because now, in my vision, most of new people that wants to participate
in a community requires and wants a different set of things than 10 years ago, 
and if we don't reach those people, GNOME will remain relying on "only" paid people,
who were the brave enough at some point to not give up contributing to GNOME,
but the usage of GNOME also depends on how hobbyist are attracted to participate
and how good our community is, and we need to evolution GNOME contribution platform
and community to reach them.

The ideas I have in mind to improve the situation are stated in my candidacy email,
since as you could observe it is, and has been, a top goal for me.

Carlos Soriano

----- Original Message -----
| It is my impression (and I state impression because I am providing no
| data) that GNOME has more reliance on people paid to work on GNOME
| than community.  I do not question the passion and dedication to those
| who are paid on GNOME, I know that they would do it as a community
| even if they were not paid.
| If you agree with my impression, what actions do you think would help
| increase participation in GNOME?  Participation in the core parts of
| GNOME is not trivial, and requires an enormous amount of time and
| dedication to get to become familiar with the huge codebase that we
| have, as well as gain the trust of the maintainer of the module you
| are interested in.
| If you disagree with my impression, what makes you believe that it is
| not the case? How would you change my mind?  I did not bring any data
| points, so you don't have to either.  I'm more interested in giving
| you a biased opinion and I want to know how you would react to it.
| sri
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