Re: code of conduct question for Board candidates

On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 11:41:06AM -0400, Marina Zhurakhinskaya wrote:
Thanks to all the candidates for stepping up to run for the board and
for all the work you already do for the Foundation!

Many free software organizations have adopted codes of conduct for
their events [1] and some for their communities [2]. Detailed codes of
conduct with specific enforcement guidelines signal to newcomers that
the community has high standards of behavior. They give participants
who observe or are subject to inappropriate behavior something to
point to that shows that such behavior is outside of what is expected
and guidelines on how to proceed in getting it addressed.

What do you think about adopting a detailed code of conduct, similar
to the one used for GUADEC 2014 [3], for all GNOME events and creating
a similarly detailed code of conduct for the GNOME community?

I'm entirely in favor of an improved code of conduct, both for events
and in general.  And thank you for raising this issue.

Some searching turned up
, but that's definitely insufficient.  (It's a nice set of sentiments,
but not a functional code of conduct.)  By contrast, the GUADEC 2014
code of conduct you linked to sets the higher standard I would expect,
and that I've come to expect from other conferences as well.  I'm in
favor of improving the general code of conduct to the same standard.

Would you consider putting forth a concrete proposal along those lines,
taking into account the models and requirements for an effective code of
conduct?  In the process, I'd also suggest extending the "Applies to"
for the code of conduct to include not just lists, bugzilla, and
specific individuals, but also conferences (such as GUADEC), IRC and
other communication, and members of the Foundation and the Board.

- Josh Triplett

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