Re: code of conduct question for Board candidates

On Sat, May 23, 2015 at 10:06:49AM -0700, Josh Triplett wrote:
I'm entirely in favor of an improved code of conduct, both for events
and in general.  And thank you for raising this issue.

Some searching turned up
, but that's definitely insufficient.  (It's a nice set of sentiments,
but not a functional code of conduct.)  By contrast, the GUADEC 2014
code of conduct you linked to sets the higher standard I would expect,
and that I've come to expect from other conferences as well.  I'm in
favor of improving the general code of conduct to the same standard.

Why and how is it "definitely insufficient"?

I quite like the Code of Conduct and I've signed it. By contrast, the
2014 GUADEC one is a very long statement specifically about a
conference, not about a community. I don't see how the board has _any_
influence on the GNOME community. This while the conference one assumes
you're attending a conference and that someone can "expel" you, can
possibility contact law enforcement, etc.

I don't follow why I'd sign something can cause legal issues for me if I
could do without that.

I think in the question the GNOME community vs foundation members are
mixed up. Those are not the same thing.

I'm a bit surprised that people see a Code of Conduct as something new.
See e.g.; we already expect people to follow the
Code of Conduct.

And before someone misunderstands, I have enforced the Code of Conduct,
I've signed the existing one and agree to the thoughts behind both.

This maybe my annoyance with volunteering and then getting too much "do
this or else".. that takes the fun out of it. I prefer "assume people
mean well".

For lurkers:

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