Re: Links that recommend running nonfree JS code.

Hi Magdalen,

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 11:50 AM, Magdalen Berns <m berns thismagpie com> wrote:
This makes perfect sense to me. At the moment I am not totally convinced that the rest of the community are on board with what you have said though. It is not clear whether or not people understand the nuances of how you are defining things or whether there may even be so fundamental "political"/"ethical" differences of agreement (or some mix of both). It would be useful to have some more clarity on that so we all know whether any of this is actionable at this stage, I think.

Generally I think that the people who are not on board understand what is being discussed and simply disagree with certain aspects of it. I know that is the case with me. I contribute to FOSS, etc, but I do not always share the same ethics as the FSF. My impression is that that is common. We could have a discussion about it, but I don't know that having such a discussion via an email list would be constructive.


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