Re: Links that recommend running nonfree JS code.

I tried to view a page on Facebook, which is a posting about a
political issue.  I used wget as usual, and all I got was something
telling me to log in first.

Meanwhile, you reported

  > It seems can actually technically view the page without being logged in
  > which is a good thing, but it seems that this is only possible when the
  > offending javascript is not being blocked.

which is consistent with what I observed.

I think the proper rule is that a link to a page on Facebook is ok
provided it can be viewed without running nonfree JS code and without
logging in.

Indeed, I would suggest that as the basic condition for acceptable
links to any site.  If the purpose of the link is to suggest people
look at the contents of the page, then the link is ok provided people
can see the contents without identifying themselves and without
running nonfree software.

In the special cases where the purpose of the link is something else
(such as to donate), then it needs to be judged according to that

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