Re: Links that recommend running nonfree JS code.

Hi Richard,

I believe it is possible to view many Facebook pages without running
JS.  (I am about to verify that.) 

According to the libreJS plugin you pointed us to earlier on in the discussion, all _javascript_ that facebook tries to run, is offending. When LibreJS blocks the scripts it reports as being non-free, the page doesn't seem to work (not on my browser anyway). I would prefer to defer to your knowledge on this when it comes to the testing this thing out though, so please let us know what you find out.
So if it is just a matter of
referring to the contents of some page there, that is not a problem,
as long as viewing the page does not require login.

We shouldn't encourage people to log in on Facebook.

It seems can actually technically view the page without being logged in which is a good thing, but it seems that this is only possible when the offending _javascript_ is not being blocked.


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