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It's with *much* reluctance that I've rejoined this mailing list. But
since Dr. Richard Stallman has seemingly forgot events of the past 3
months, I figure I'll share a recap of our discussion for all of our

I raised this issue as soon as I became aware of the campaign, which
was when I saw it mentioned here.  I would have raised the issue
earlier if I had known earlier.

This is simply untrue. I asked you in person during your lecture with
about 20 witnesses at the GNOME hackfest in Boston what I should do.

I told you I was going to be raising money to work on a new development
environment for GNOME and that I was concerned about our options for
crowd funding.

You were unable to provide me any actionable suggestions for how to go
forward. So I went with the best option I could find that was likely to
result in success (I like Free Software almost as much as I like eating).

Since it is too late to do the campaign differently, I think we should
suggest to people that they bypass the campaign and send money
directly to a person or organization associated with Builder.

Richard, I'd be thrilled to receive money from you.

Contact me at this email (I've attached my GPG key) and I can give you
the details necessary for a financial transaction.

-- Christian

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