Re: preparing for the use of the Privacy campaign funds

(Forking this particular topic out of the OPW discussion)

Le dimanche 14 septembre 2014 à 18:45 -0500, Michael Catanzaro a écrit :

[...] it's been a year since we collected the privacy campaign
money; I guess we still have no clue what we're doing with it? :)

Le mardi 16 septembre 2014 à 13:18 +0100, Emmanuele Bassi a écrit :

finding deliverables and finding people capable of defining them in an
actionable way proved to be a real challenge. the last time I was
involved with it, it seemed that the board found some potential
candidates. I'll let somebody on the current board elaborate.

I do not recall us (the Board) having thought of "candidates" for work
as part of the Privacy campaign yet. Elaborating a plan for the use of
those funds is a topic that I wanted to bring to discussion in board
meetings, but so far, due to lack of time and information, this has not
happened yet.

Therefore, to anyone reading this, in light of the formation of the
Safety Team and the safety/privacy BoF session that occurred at GUADEC,
it would help tremendously if you (as individuals and as a team) would
start coming up with a specific action plan and make a proposal to the
board. You are probably better positioned than us to focus on this
particular task.

For example, thinking of some bounty system where you have one or more
projects with specific "deliverables" as part of those projects, with
requirements for applicants to demonstrate that they can accomplish the
task, under which conditions, etc. Basically, a traditional public
"request for proposals" system. is not in an
actionable state for the board to consider yet, in my humble opinion.


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