Re: preparing for the use of the Privacy campaign funds

Jeff Fortin <nekohayo gmail com> wrote:
Therefore, to anyone reading this, in light of the formation of the
Safety Team and the safety/privacy BoF session that occurred at GUADEC,
it would help tremendously if you (as individuals and as a team) would
start coming up with a specific action plan and make a proposal to the
board. You are probably better positioned than us to focus on this
particular task.

I've been involved in various discussions about this, and I know that
there is no shortage of ideas (some are documented here [1], although
I know there were many more). I think the question is which idea is
most viable for the amount of money we have to spend, and who might be
available for those types of contracts.

From a design point of view, there are two things that I would
particularly like to see.

1. Infrastructure to allow applications to independently, and securely
store passwords. Stef outlined a plan for this during his 2013 GUADEC
presentation ([2], see from slide 37 onwards). It is something that is
necessary for application sandboxing, and I believe would be more
consistent with user expectations.

2. "Factory Reset" - an option to wipe a device of all files and
settings, and return it to a blank state (or as blank as we can get
it). Very useful for privacy.



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