Re: internal engagement

On 03/05/2014 11:38 AM, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
that's my mistake in the minutes: the "asked around" was referring to
the wiki page (
we set up after the announcement of the privacy campaign results at
GUADEC, as well as informal polling of maintainers and contributors of
security-related projects; for instance, Andreas reached out to Stef
Walters about potential ideas, but that happened only recently. to be
fair, I think asking for concrete proposals on foundation-list would
be a terrible mistake: desktop-devel would probably be more effective
— in fact, the first proposal of the privacy campaign, which included
potential work areas, was sent to desktop-devel:

So, some background on why we wanted to get feedback from Stef specifically. Since his guadec talk was on the subject of security, he felt like a good person to reach out to. I didn't get around to it earlier, and I just reached out to him now. We talked for a bit, and he hadn't thought much more about the campaign since GUADEC.

His ideas and others are on this list:

Everyone, please feel free to add your ideas to that page.

- Andreas

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