Privacy/Security Friends of GNOME campaign?

Hi everyone,

The marketing team agreed that this time a privacy/security campaign would
be great for a friends of GNOME drive. After Jacob Applebaum's talk at
GUADEC, we heard a lot of people discussing how important these issues are
and how we'd like to do more at GNOME.

Are there areas of GNOME that you think could be improved from this

Ideally we'd launch the campaign pretty soon, and the plan would be to
again raise funds generally for the cause. This way we can raise awareness
about the issue in addition to raising money. For the accessibility
campaign, we are currently working on a call for proposals to use the
money that we raised which we hope to publish soon, and I expect we'd do
the same with these funds.

It would be great to get an idea of what people think and give us an idea
of what to work towards.


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