internal engagement

Greetings, foundation members!

This list has been pretty quiet and I'm wondering how best to talk
about things going on in GNOME internally that would capture people's

For the most part, we've been talking mostly about new members and
welcoming them.

But, I feel that we don't really talk much about the project here from
a general perspective.  There is a lot going on, but this list doesn't
really reflect the work going on within GNOME.

So, let me ask all of you a question.  When you signed on as
Foundation members, what kind of discussions or involvement did you
hope to see?  What should the various team communicate with you?

We've tried a lot of things to help communicate out ot the project,
but it's been met mostly with silence and participation has been low
with irc meetings that the board has come up with.  So something is
going on.  Are you busy?  Do you not care?  What is your enthusiasm

I'm being blunt because we should have a blunt conversation.  If you
don't want to tell me on-list, you can tell me off list.  I think most
of you know that I take a soft touch both internally and externally in
GNOME.  You should not be afraid to tell me what you are feeling.

The engagement team has spent a lot of time working on our external
engagement, but I think it's time we focused on internal engagement.
Organizational health so to speak.

My goal is to have an engaged foundation.  I  want and need your
active participation.

If you have a hostile response, or something fairly controversial I
would prefer that you email me off list, and I will summarize it on
the list.  One thing I want to do is control the conversation without
it going into the hinterlands.  We need to have effective
communication.  Whatever we can't solve we will take it up at GUADEC
as a BOF or as part of the general GUADEC meeting.  Whatever problems
we have, we will solve it as one team. Together.  So use your
judgement, as we are all adults.

So, let's spend the weekend and casually talk about GNOME!!

(speaking as an engagement team member, not board btw)

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