Re: Some questions for the candidates

Hi :)

On 06.06.2013 23:04, Brian Cameron wrote:
Advisory board members are encouraged to join when there is clear
value in doing so.  What work has been done over the past year to
increase this value or effectively communicate such values?
Spontaneously, I remember that proper user testing was a desire which
was addressed by relevant members of the community at an in person
meeting┬╣. I did not lead that effort and I neither did nor do know the
details of that; I hope that someone more knowledgeable chimes in if you
have any further questions. But IIRC the user testing still running.

Off the top of my hat, I don't know any actions that were done
pro-actively to "increase value for the advisory board". But I may well
be corrected. We are primarily a Free Software community, after all. So
the bigger part of our focus shall be our community and our software.

If you have any suggestions as to how to increase the value, I am
confident that all current and running members of the board are
interested to hear them. Or better: Seeing them implemented ;-)



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