Re: Some questions for the candidates

Hi :)

On 02.06.2013 16:11, C.J. Adams-Collier KF7BMP wrote:
What are your plans to encourage and enable participation by more women
in the GNOME community?

I don't have any. Besides continuing our Outreach Program for Women
which I think is running great (thanks to everyone involved). It  has
even been adopted by various other organisations.

How do you plan to support the demand for accessibility infrastructure
opened up by recent changes in the environment such as Debian's
inclusion of text to speech in its installer?
Hm. We just had a fund raiser for accessibility. From my limited
understanding I assume that we are fairly good at providing
accessibility. I welcome any efforts towards enhancing that support as I
believe that it is important provide Free Software to everybody,
regardless of their abilities.

Can you be an advocate for more corporate support?
Yes. We should try to find out what it is that keeps companies from
joining the advisory board, despite recent years being economically
tough. Another area is better service to sponsors for our conferences.
We had some discussions in the advisory board that will hopefully
continue to identify areas of improvement.


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