Re: Some questions for the candidates


On 06/ 5/13 05:39 PM, Tobias Mueller wrote:
Can you be an advocate for more corporate support?
Yes. We should try to find out what it is that keeps companies from
joining the advisory board, despite recent years being economically
tough. Another area is better service to sponsors for our conferences.
We had some discussions in the advisory board that will hopefully
continue to identify areas of improvement.

Advisory board members are encouraged to join when there is clear
value in doing so.  What work has been done over the past year to
increase this value or effectively communicate such values?

For example, how many times have advisory board members had issues
where membership helped to resolve their problem?  What efforts have
been made to include advisory board members in Foundation event
planning (e.g. Hackfests) and making sure that such events have clear
benefits to advisory board member needs?


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