Some questions for the candidates

Hello folks,

What are your plans to encourage and enable participation by more women
in the GNOME community?

How do you plan to support the demand for accessibility infrastructure
opened up by recent changes in the environment such as Debian's
inclusion of text to speech in its installer?  Orca and atk are great,
but they haven't gotten as much love recently as they did before Oracle
RIF'd the Sun developers supporting them.

Can you be an advocate for more corporate support?  Such corporate
support has been waning in recent years.  There are many enterprise
companies who, intentionally or inadvertently, are benefiting from GNOME
in their environment.  Shining a light on these situations and
encouraging a sense of social responsibility will help our community to
grow and thrive.

Thank you for your service,

C.J. Adams-Collier
ccollier gnome org
+1 360 298 7790

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