Re: A few observations about GIMPNET

On 10/15/2012 06:53 AM, Andrea Veri wrote:


> I explained the benefits in my original mail but here they are again:
> - services, that means having the ownership of your nick. No one will
> be able to spoof your identity. (plus host cloaking with handy (for
> example) /gnome/marketing/foo that may help newcomers finding the
> right person to talk when the first join a certain channel.)
> - privacy, Freenode has SSL enabled so all conversations are crypted
> and don't happen in plain text.
> - no need to keep a bot to auto OP you every time you accidentally
> lose connection.

These would be nice to have. But I wonder if the best way to address it
is not to up and leave GimpNet, but instead to get those features added
to GimpNet.

> In the past I've joined the #opers channel multiple times asking why
> there was no intention to improve the GIMPNET network but I alwais
> received no answer and as of today I still don't know the real reason
> behind that decision.

Who exactly "owns" GimpNet and if asking on #opers doesn't get us the
answers we seek, how else can we get them?

Take care.

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