Re: Google Code-In 2012?

Althought I'm not the maintainer, I'd like to propose fixing and improving Gtranslator as a task for GCI.

As André says, mentoring may take more time than fixing the bugs, but the project is in a critical stage, since the maintainer has announced that he is not maintaining it anymore, and nobody is interested in doing it.

This GCI should be the opportunity to try to recruit and teach a new maintainer for Gtranslator. As I've said several times, GT should be the official tool for GNOME translators, like Anjuta for developers. Having a good tool for translators should be a priority, since we should be able to develop and maintain the necesary tools to develop, test and translate our own project.

I could help with this task opening bugs for errors and/or enhancements, or simply recommending some bugs to the students or testing patches.

Hope we be able to rescue this great tool.

Best regards.

2012/10/14 Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>
Google will run Google Code-In (GCI) again this year
(see [1] below if you don't know what that is).

Is the GNOME community interested in participating?

Would you (developer, translator, doc writer, designer) be a mentor and
provide tasks?

(Asking as I faced reluctance in the past, because time spent mentoring
students took often longer than if GNOMErs did the task themselves, plus
students often didn't stick with the mentoring org afterwards.)

In case there is enough interest:
Is anybody else in to help organizing this for GNOME?
Asking as I won't have much time this year.



Code-In is for 13-17 year old students. Tasks take 3 to 5 days.
Nov 05th is the deadline for orgs to apply. The contest runs from Nov
26th to Jan 16th. Tasks can be about Code, Documentation,
Outreach/Research/Marketing/Community Management, QA and UX.
mailto:ak-47 gmx net

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