Re: Could a few influential GNOME develoers join gnu-prog-discuss gnu org?

    > A GNOME developer in the list would have seen this and could have
    > responded, raises the issue in the appropriate GNOME list, or whatever
    > is TRT.  It isn't feasible for me, and I don't know who to ask.

    No, that's not how the world works!

That's how gnu-prog-discuss works.  We have people on the list
involved in many GNU packages, and they discuss lots of issues.

When someone mentions what is clearly a bug, we urge him to file a bug
report.  But a person who says "I find feature X inconvenient" may not
feel that qualifies as a bug, and he may hesitate to start a
discussion in a list he is not on.  And he may not even know what list
to use.

In general, free software projects should reach out for feedback.

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