Re: Could a few influential GNOME develoers join gnu-prog-discuss gnu org?

2012/1/16 Richard Stallman <rms gnu org>:
> In general we discuss on gnu-prog-discuss issues about how to make the
> GNU system better and/or more successful.  Some of them are technical,
> some are not.  Some of them involve GNOME.

Can't these be brought up on proper GNOME lists then? Especially
seeing as there is no public archive for your GNU list.

> So it would be good to have a couple of people who are in the heart of
> GNOME decision making and would like to improve the integration of GNOME
> with the rest of GNU.

Again, I believe there are multiple communities that discuss GNOME but
it's unrealistic to expect GNOME to delegate people to each and every
one of them.

Patryk Zawadzki
I solve problems.

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