Re: Could a few influential GNOME developers join gnu-prog-discuss gnu org?

    So, I assume that although it was a mail
    to discuss things about accessibility, on GNU mailing list, for some
    reason, gnu-prog-discuss gnu org was more suitable that
    gnu-accessibility. What was that reason?

I don't remember that particular message, but here are some
possibilities that occur to me:

* Something about accessibility came up in the middle of a discussion
on gnu-prog-discuss about something else.

* Someone who is on gnu-prog-discuss wanted to raise an issue
concerning accessibility, and he isn't on gnu-accessibility, and maybe
doesn't know it exists.

* Someone thought of the accessibility issue during a discussion on
gnu-prog-discuss, and didn't ask himself "What other GNU mailing lists
are there and which one is the best one for this topic", but simply
raised it on gnu-prog-discuss straightaway.

* Someone thought carefully about which list to use, and judged that
gnu-prog-discuss was best for some reason I don't know.  Not knowing
the reason, I won't venture to say I agree or disagree.

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