Re: Could a few influential GNOME developers join gnu-prog-discuss gnu org?

Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias wrote:
> [...] for some reason, gnu-prog-discuss gnu org was more suitable that
> gnu-accessibility. What was that reason?

gnu-prog-discuss is more suitable when you want to contact the larger
GNU developer community.

For example, if the people on gnu-accessibility review the available
accessibility frameworks and decide to recommend and focus on improving
one, then gnu-prog-discuss can be used to inform other GNU developers of
their recommendation.  And other developers on gnu-prog-discuss might
have useful feedback on this.

Or if someone wants to ask for a change in another GNU package that will
affect all/most developers (example: automake), then gnu-prog-discuss is
a good place to discuss the change.

gnu-prog-discuss can also be used for discussing topics that might
involve patent or non-disclosure agreement problems which a developer
might not want to discuss on a public list.  It's not a list for getting
legal advice, but you might find others who've had the same problem.

(For the specific case of the accessibility thread I mentioned: I saw
three threads.  One pre-dated the gnu-accessibility list, another was
about patents/NDAs, and the third was specific to one package and got
moved to that package's public list.)

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