Re: Could a few influential GNOME develoers join gnu-prog-discuss gnu org?

On Tue, 2012-01-17 at 21:36 -0500, Richard Stallman wrote:
> Can't these be brought up on proper GNOME lists then? Especially
>     seeing as there is no public archive for your GNU list.
> We use this list for private discussions about GNU in general.
> Sometimes the issues relate to GNOME, but that doesn't mean
> they're specifically about GNOME.  It would be useful for
> some GNOME developers with responsibility and influence
> to be included.
> In the middle of a broader discussion about internationalization, not
> specifically about GNOME, someone mentioned this:
>     Another problem I stumbled upon is the new habit of software like
>     Gnome and/or desktop handlers to use localized names for
>     directories such as ~/Desktop.  This is a pure nuisance, depending
>     on my locale ~/Desktop becomes ~/Bureau or ~/Labortablo.
> A GNOME developer in the list would have seen this and could have
> responded, raises the issue in the appropriate GNOME list, or whatever
> is TRT.  It isn't feasible for me, and I don't know who to ask.
> (I think that person was right: learning one English word `Desktop' is
> not much of a burden, and on the other hand, this feature can cause a
> real nuisance for users that use multiple locales.)

In addition with everything that is wrong with this comment (which has
already been mentioned by the other replies in this thread), I'll
mention that this particular behaviour is specified:

If there are problems with this approach, they should be raised on the
XDG mailing-list, not on a private list.

/Bastien, subscribed to more than enough mailing-lists

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