Re: GNU hackers meeting & GUADEC 2011 colocation?


Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> Dave is worried about any overhead that co-locating this could have
> with the organizing committee and the volunteers, what would GNU need
> in terms of resources, space, inftrastructure? how big could it be?
> That sort of stuff :-)

Actually, I was worried (let me see if I can say this right) if aligning
with GUADEC would be attractive to GNU developers, but that aligning
with Akademy might not appeal. Given that a colocated conference would
already be hosting 800 people plus, I don't think an extra 30 or 40
would be a big deal in organisational overhead.

And Andy, for 2010, it's probably not too late, if you get a request in
quick :) The only thing is that adding extra space for the week would
probably have an impact on the budget at this stage, which we'd have to
think about.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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