GNU hackers meeting & GUADEC 2011 colocation?

Hi all,

At November's GNU Hackers Meeting in Gothenburg, there was some interest
expressed in increasing communication between GNU hackers and GNOME
hackers. Co-locating a GNU Hackers Meeting with GUADEC would be a great
way to do this.

GHM events have in the past been pretty small -- about 25 people or so.
See for info about past schedules.

So inspired by Vincent's recent mail, let this be a mini-proposal for
GHM co-location with the 2011 GUADEC. The ideal needs would be one
smallish (40-50 people) room for three days. GHM events have had some
funding attached to them in the past, enough to support them; while of
course I can't predict the future, GNU probably could help support costs
of the venue, when the time comes to discuss that.

I have copied the GNU internal list on this mail. Unfortunately GNU has
no public lists for internal discussion -- a bit odd, but that's how it
is. So I've also set the reply-to to foundation-list; perhaps we (both
groups) can thread discussion there?



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