Re: GNU hackers meeting & GUADEC 2011 colocation?

Hi Dave,

On Tue 26 Jan 2010 15:07, Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> writes:

> Hi Andy,
> Andy Wingo wrote:
>> So inspired by Vincent's recent mail, let this be a mini-proposal for
>> GHM co-location with the 2011 GUADEC. The ideal needs would be one
>> smallish (40-50 people) room for three days. GHM events have had some
>> funding attached to them in the past, enough to support them; while of
>> course I can't predict the future, GNU probably could help support costs
>> of the venue, when the time comes to discuss that.
> Let me just confirm that that is not a typo - this is for 2011 yes, not
> 2010?

That was the intention, yes. I figured it was too late to talk about
2010, but if GUADEC organizers are interested we could probably do

> If GUADEC and Akademy colocate again in 2011, do you think that might
> have an impact on the GHM?

It would probably make it more awesome! There are a number of KDE-using
GNU folk. There are GNOME people too, of course :)



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