Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 08:20 -0700, Stormy Peters wrote:

> Personally, I think we are delighted that they decided to use GNOME.
> We aren't praising the proprietary software but expressing happiness
> that they have decided to use free software that we have developed.
> My impression is that the community is delighted when the Nuvo Garmin
> or Supersonic Imagine use GNOME technologies.
> I think we gain more by being excited and asking them to join our
> community, meet us, learn more about free software, etc than if we
> temper it down. When you praise someone that's learning something, you
> don't say "that's ok but it'd be better if ...", you say "that's
> great! nice job!" And then the next time you say "how about if you try
> xyz this time?"

hmm.. I think this position is similar to the rationale on the creation
of LGPL, the objetive is the promotion of Free Software. GNOME is a good
technology, but there are more popular propietary technologies out
there. It's a strategical decision.

Well, it's seems that it's no coincidence that LGPL is licence of choice
of many GNOME libraries.


-- Juanjo Marín

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