Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey

On 1/17/10 9:30 PM, "Jonathon Jongsma" <jonathon quotidian org> wrote:
>As far as I an tell, there has been essentially no controversy
whatsoever about
>any of this until you and Philip seemingly started
trying to drum one up.  What
>exactly are you even trying to change?  Is
there an official GNOME position
>statement that you object to?
Something on a website somewhere?  What
>exactly are we
actually talking about here?

I'm sorry, Jonathon, I thought that was clear. Stormy proposed the following
statement on behalf of GNOME in her message of this past Friday on this

> The GNOME Foundation believes in free software and promotes free software but
> that does not mean that GNOME is anti-proprietary software. We believe,
> promote, use and write free software.
> We are excited when companies and individuals use GNOME technologies because
> we believe it brings us closer to our mission and vision of a free desktop (or
> mobile interface) accessible to everyone. Sometimes those companies are
> proprietary software companies and while we hope that they move closer to free
> software in the future (and that we are helping them do so with the use of
> GNOME), we are delighted that they have chosen to use GNOME and will help them
> and their customers.

I've suggested that the first sentence should instead read something like
"The GNOME Foundation believes in and promotes free/open source software..."

Hope this clarifies things.

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