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> > If you're suggesting that _this_ survey is somehow biased, as your example
> > question would appear to, I'd appreciate more specific information.
> Not at all. I even voted in it. I'm merely pointing out the absurdity of
> Phillip's suggestion that the only way to "respect" a survey is to
> implement whatever results from it.

Two times in this thread I clarified what for me "respecting" the
results of a survey means and how the board should deal with it.

This quote goes straight to the soul of what I suggest:

  I would accept that the foundation's board has a decisive role in
  this. Why else do we elect you guys and don't replace you with

This quote, a reply to Vincent, is more vague but it also illustrates:

  I don't (didn't) mean any immediate action is needed. I do believe
  that these results should be kept in mind for future decisions.

What is absurd is that you insist on misrepresenting me.

It's not the first time in this thread that you, even after I corrected
you repeatedly, misinform people about what I said. It's impolite and

> Absolutely - the results are a useful data point. If nothing gets done
> with the results, because our leaders adopt a stance on behalf of the
> project, I hope that the people who voted don't feel disrespected.

When the board doesn't use the results then you hope that the members
who gave their opinion ignore their feelings about that?

I'm not sure what you meant, but if that's it then I disagree.

I agree that a board can have a different point of view and that it is
elected to do a job on behalf of not just members but the project too.

If the board can't justify such a decision or if in future the decision
turns out to have been the wrong one, then the members should as soon as
possible get the opportunity to vote away or to vote to keep that board.

If you can't deal with responsibility, you shouldn't be a board.

I think it's fair that in return for being voted as a board, the members
get the respect from the board that it takes up its responsibility for
their decisions. Especially for the ones when they ignore the opinion of
most of its members: they better be right when they do that.



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