Re: Thanks, and a Brief Survey


Lefty (石鏡 ) wrote:
> On 1/15/10 9:57 AM, "Dave Neary" <dneary gnome org> wrote:
> Dave, I think this is unhelpful. If you must, maybe you should do it
> privately, rather than publicly.

Having gone through 10 years of "Open Source" vs "Free Software"
debates, I know that (like emacs vs vim, bsd vs linux, gnome vs kde, bsd
vs gpl, reply-to for mailing lists, code indentation styles, and other
religious debates) that nothing will come of it.

So proposing that GNOME as a project adopt one or the other amounts to a
troll, in that it will create an endless discussion with no result.

> If you're suggesting that _this_ survey is somehow biased, as your example
> question would appear to, I'd appreciate more specific information.

Not at all. I even voted in it. I'm merely pointing out the absurdity of
Phillip's suggestion that the only way to "respect" a survey is to
implement whatever results from it.

> I'm most certainly not proposing that the Board necessarily do or not do
> anything based on the results. I do, however, think they're worthy of
> consideration. Note that I have not suggested that anyone "respect" the
> results. I do think that people should consider them, but that's entirely up
> to them.

Absolutely - the results are a useful data point. If nothing gets done
with the results, because our leaders adopt a stance on behalf of the
project, I hope that the people who voted don't feel disrespected.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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